Here is a collection of videos that various members of KPForum have been involved in. There will be many more videos, demos and other extras. These videos are also on YouTube. You can search for "kpforum" to find them, although you may find other unrelated videos that YouTube suggests, such as Katy Perry or Katie Price.

L4D2: Invisible Tanks! - Being attacked by an invisible tank sucks. Tank spawns and becomes invisible due to a bit of admin interference.
High Quality | Low Quality (not available) | YouTube

L4D2 - Horde of unstoppable Jimmy Gibbs, Jrs - God damn you Jimmy Gibbs Jr! After spawning a few hordes of Jimmy Gibbs, the team realizes that they cannot be stopped with gunfire! Watch as panic ensues. The original video was removed from YouTube, but can be found here.
High Quality | Original High Quality | Low Quality (not available) | Original Low Quality (not available) | YouTube

L4D1: Zoey, Where are you going? - Zoey gets griefed. Using sm_admin Zoey gets repeatedly slapped for zero damage which makes her float away. When the slapping stops, the falling begins. This is the final Left 4 Dead 1 video, for the immediate future.
High Quality | Low Quality (not available) | YouTube

L4D1: I Just Died in Your Arms - This is a short compilation of a couple of teamkilling episodes. This is probably one of KPForum's last Left 4 Dead 1 videos. I hope you enjoy this short couple of team kills.
High Quality | Low Quality (not available) | YouTube

L4D1: Do You Really Want to Hurt Me? - Health pack ladder grief! Join me as we attempt to heal everyone on the ladder. Maps include: No Mercy, Night Terror and Death Aboard.
High Quality | Low Quality (not available) | YouTube

L4D1: Breakdancing Tank - During a random survival match, the tank was killed and proceeded to pop-lock his way into immortality.
High Quality | Low Quality | YouTube

L4D1: Its Raining Men! - A nice compilation of a bunch of teamkilling in the No Mercy 4 elevator. Spawning gates push the player through the elevator and they end up falling to their death.
High Quality | Low Quality | YouTube

L4D1: Dead Air Hijinks - Good ol' fashoned teamkilling set to The Fray's How to Save a Life. Watch as I prevent the team from reaching the airplane.
High Quality | Low Quality | YouTube

L4D1: Valve Employee Teamkilling - A valve employee joins the server and tries to teamkill DD and myself, but it doesn't go well for him. Also, in this episode, some kid's mom comes to his defense.
High Quality(not available) | Low Quality | YouTube (not available)

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