Versus L4D Maps
The following versus maps are the versions currently installed in every KPForum Server. These maps are tailored to versus matches only, although you can play most any map in versus. If you have any maps to recommend, or if you notice any major bugs, old versions, or errors, please feel free to contact me to have the map updated / removed / added.
Click the thumbnail for additional screenshots of the map. Note: These maps are no longer being updated by They may be outdated, so download at your own risk.

Gore Factory
You start of at the entrance to the Factory area. From here you can see some stairs going up to the 4th floor outside of the mainbuilding, up here you can activate the door to unlock at the warehouse making it possible to continue your journey to safety. From the warehouse you now have access to the mainbuildings offices from here you have to fight your way to the 3rd floor to enable acess to the roof. You have to fight a finale event and then run like hell! As you have to run all the way down to the ground floor to reach the stairs that goes upto the 4th floor and thus enabling you to get access to the roof as the door is now unlocked.
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