KPForum's infamous Separated@Birth

This is the infamous Separated@Birth. These are real gamers who have been in our servers, playing alongside of KPForum members for years. A couple of these were inside jokes, and as a memory refresher, the joke will be explained below. Send any errors, corrections, or updates to Pao @'s forum.
We have had 3 previous versions. Versions 1 and 2 were identical in design and size. Version 3 was strikingly different. Version 4 should be different as well. If you play games on our servers, and would like to be featured as a twin, please let us know in the forums.

This is our good buddy PeteyPwn and his long lost twin brother, Derek Zoolander.

This is our arch-nemesis' sidekick, Pimp and his doppelganger, Mrs. Doubtfire.

This is (help here?) Spider and his handsome mirror image, Lyle Lovett

This is the greatest rapper of all time and the 3rd greatest 1v1 KP player, Shahshank and his look alike, Chris Kattan

This is one of the World of Warcraft cavemen, dong, and his flaming sibling, Tobey Maguire

This green fruitcake is Adam, aka Brisk, and he comes from the tribe of oompa loompas.

This is ... I can't recall who this is (help!), and his twin Vin Diesel.

HEY YOU GUYS!! Here come's nF.cha0s and his stunt double, Sloth!

This is Jung and some guy. They don't look too much alike.

This is Waylander and his cartoon counterpart, Bobby Hill.

Gensouljah and Eddie Munster: one in the same.

Whoever this is, they were partying like it was 1999 with their brother, Prince.

Ooooh Yeah! Thunder and Macho Man Randy Savage. Now I know why Wrestlemania 7 looked weird.

This is not so much separated at birth, as it is long lost son. GWB and Lurch. Together Forever.

Cap and Conan O'Brien. I think its the deer in headlights look.

Ciph Rider! Rider Strong and Cipher. A few years ago, both these guys were cool, and now no one remembers either of them. RIP.

This is Dark and his closely related cousin, Stevo.

This is probably going to be removed or set up in archives. :( sosad

This is good ol' Peech and her less hung, twin brother Drew Barrymore

Dubsack and Hagrid. Brothers, Stunt doubles, or razorless men?

This is Nugg and Neo. Twins 444 Life

This is Orgy and some no name hunk. Orgy is probably the world's sexiest man, and easily the one with the largest musculature.

This is Spike and his real mother, Orson the pig.

This is Yan (yang, method, whatever name he used) and his real life father, Vanilla Ice. Notice the stupid face.

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